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Trading Solutions

Providing solutions for trading systems is one of the main activities of MetricTrade.
Our newest app ZTrade Plus is a single trading platform that supports multiple operating systems and a wide range of devices (PCs/Phones/Tablets), with full features and same functionality.
It relys on uniform code for all systems, which allows rapid development of features and distribution to all devices.
In the past, since 2003, the development of streaming servers (Phaethon Web Server) for data, portfolios and orders has allowed the company to gain a great advantage over the competition. So in 2010, 80% of the electronic derivatives transactions in the Athens Derivatives Market used our applications and our servers. Note that the web application development industry has widely adopted a related technology called AJAX to continuously stream data.
In the 20 years we have been providing trading platforms, none of our business clients have replaced our system with a competing one. Especially our private customers, once they use our platform, it is very difficult to change it to any other.
We continue our efforts to offer cutting-edge tools that we hope help professional and non-professional investors make better investment decisions.

FIX engine

ZFIX Engine configuration and customization suite.
ZFIX is a Fix Gateway application (Financial Information eXchange) produced by MetricTrade which connects the order base of our trading platform with the order systems of other manufacturers. Through this connection, orders can be received by FIX for direct or broker assistant execution, and orders targeting foreign markets can delivered by FIX to other companies with market access.
The application supports FIX versions 4.0,4.1,4.2,4.3,4.4 and 5.0 in an initiator or acceptor role.
The ZFIX application can work in connection with Citigroup, Reuters and Fidessa FIX implementations. Connections to other systems can be easily deployed depending of our customers needs.

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MetricTrade offers 2 subscriptions options for ZTrade. ZTrade One and ZTrade Plus are the options the user can choose for. Use the following chart to compare the 2 subscriptions options and select the best the suits your needs. The content inside the ZTrade is exactly the same in both subscriptions options.

ZTrade One
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ZTrade Plus
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Desktop Application
Phone Application
Live News updates
Notifications for custom alerts
Fundamental and Financial Analysis
Multiple Windows
Active devices

Frequently asked questions.

Show more Can I modify my subscription package?

Yes. In the account page you can modify your subscription to add some extra options and pay the only the difference between.

Show more Can I use ZTrade in an older device?

Yes. You can use ZTrade in any device you want including old Windows and MacOS version as well as Linux. In the install page you can see the detailed instructions to download ZTrade in an older device.

Show more Can I automatic renew my package option?

Yes. In the account page you can select for automatic renewal of your current package.

Show more Can I cancel the automatic renewal?

Yes. As well as the current package, automatic renewal can also be cancelled in the account page.

Show more When does the VAT doesn't apply?

The VAT does not apply to you if you aren a non-business customer outside the EU or a EU business customer with a valid VAT number.

Show more Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. Canceling your subscription is always possible. The remaining time you have on your subscription will still remain, and you can continue to use ZTrade until that date.