ZTrade Plus Versions - What's new

This page is used so as to demonstrate the updates and changes that come with every new version of the application since 2001.227 versions have been published.
The Windows 10 and Mac native versions as well as the Java versions are published simultaneously where the mobile versions are updated with a 10 (or more) days delay, as the changes are unlikely to affect mobile devices.

3.28 Available for MAC in App Store (macos: 10.15 or later)

12 luly 2021

ZTrade Plus is now available in the App Store and for MACs with exactly the same features, ease of installation, and security as Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store.

MAC users can visit the App Store search for the ZTrade Plus app and install it. In the near future, the ZTrade versions of the stock exchanges will follow.

At Portfolio Groups screen the group currency option has been added (menu: Rename), to facilitate group portfolio viewing in USD, with sums in the same currency.

Columns high / low YTD and 1 Month (30 days) have been added to the View List screen (menu: Add Column: Performance), Each colum has a color indication if there is a new high or low for the period.

The option "Left code empty at new order" has been added to the settings. If activated the client code is left blank in each new order window, and must be completed from Brokers to avoid errors.

3.27 External windows - multiple screens

24 March 2021

This version modifies the way in which the external windows are used and saved.

This changes aims at serving the need of users that use a number of different workstations where might exist a different number of screens, in addition to the main one.

Screen selections 2,3 and 4 have been added in the markets section that are used to generate external frames. In these frames the user is free to add one or more application windows.

The position of each frame is saved locally in the user's device, in order for each work station (home or office workstation etc.) to exist a unique setup, regardless of the number of the screens that are used.

On the other side, the content of each frame is saved in the server (cloud) and is the same regardless the use's device. The generated frames remain unchanged while the user modifies the windows in the main frame.

The clone button is removed as in each external frame the user can add one or more application windows by using the Window menu button. All the external frames from the previous versions are now all moved to frame 2.

In a multiple screen environment case, the suggested use of the frames is to create and place one at each screen.

3.26 New Indicators - column additions

28 January 2021

The following technical analysis indicators have been added:

AO - Awesome Oscillator

WF - Williams Alligator

WA - Williams Fractals

CMO - Chande Momentum Oscillator

TSI - True strength index

In the trades' window new color combinations have been added, thus enabling the user to choose between the following:

  • Coloring based on the change from the immediately preceding value.
  • Coloring based on the change from the previous closure.
  • Coloring based on whether the transaction is done to the buyer or seller.

In the News window, the option "only actions" has been added for a quick review of the day's corporate actions.

Columns for the Total Quantity of Buyers and Sellers have been added to the tables: Add column -> Prices -> Ask Total, Bid Total , as well as price depth values: Add column -> Level2 Bid/Ask -> Bid2, Ask2, Bid3, Ask3 etc.

3.25 Push notifications - commissions calculation

24 November 2020

Receiving notifications on the user's device in the form of Push Notifications is now supported for the Windows 10/Android/IOS versions.

The user can receive on his device, regardless if the application is running, security, portfolio and stock change notifications.

  • Security Notifications in the case of:
    α) Security code (password) changes (in some installs)
    β) The user's account is locked after inserting a wrong password for 4 times (in some installs)
    γ) The user's credentials are used in a new device(PC or mobile).
  • Portfolio Notifications in the case of:
    α) A new command is being introduced for its portfolio.
    β) Execution, in part or in whole, of some purchase or sale order.
    γ) One of the titles in the user's portfolio shows an upward or downward change,more than 10%, from the activation of the option or from the last notification received.
  • Stock Notifications in the case of:
    Activation of a stock alert entered by the user in the application.

This version supports the complete and accurate calculation of commissions based on the procurement plan of each portfolio and the exact costs of each transaction.