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New Application


ZTradePlus it is a trading application targeting the Athens and Cyprus Exchnages, for professional and private investor needs.

For the last 15 years the ZTrade application was the most favorite trading application in Greece and Cyprus, based on its features, high performance, accuracy and availability.

The new application ZTradePlus written from scratch, can be run at greater range of devices including desktops, phones and tablets, with higher performance in a simplified universal environment.

12 Banks and Securities companies, exclusively using this application as white label trading platform for their clients and brokers.

User can setup up to 64 windows on its desktop or 12 screens in a mobile device by sharing the same watch lists, charts and portfolios, across all devices.

ZTradePlus it is a subscription based application (please check price list below). For new users a FREE 15 days TRIAL offered.

    Key Features

  • Universal - A Uniform design application with exactly same settings and capabilities across Desktop's/Phone's/Tablet's.
  • Unlimited - Unlimited custom and market sector watch lists along with most active, unusual volume and other activity lists.
  • Charts - Technical analysis with +50 indicators, drawing features and glance view with up to 4 stocks on one chart.
  • Fundamentals - Fundamental data with graphical representation.
  • Heat Maps - Heat Maps on Day, Week, Month and YTD Changes, Dividends, P/E etc on major indices components and user watch lists.

Install & Try the App

Please install the application by following instructions depending on your system below.
Then click at FREE TRIAL Option at Login Screen and we send you a username/password by SMS to your Phone. Our company does not sell or share any of your data.
If you already have a username/password please use your credentials across all your devices, in order to share your preferences, watch lists and portfolios.


Java must be installed on your system. If you dont have Java installed, please visit www.java.com to install it.
We recommend that you uninstall all older versions of Java from your system.
1. Click at Login button to open the application: Login
2. If you are using Chrome click Keep in the file confirmation messages and then click on the zplusi.jnlp file.

3. Select Run at Java confirmation message.

Mac OS

Java must be installed on your system. If you dont have Java installed, please visit www.java.com to install it.
1. Click at Login button to download the application file: Login
2. Locate the downloaded zplusi.jnlp at Finder (at Downloads folder)

3. Control-click (or right -click) the file and then select Open from the context menu.

4. Select Open at confirmation message.

Android- Phone / Tablet

1. From the Play Store App at your device, search "UK Stocks One" and install it.
2. Open the Application by click on its icon at your device application list.

iOS - iPhone / iPad

1. From the App Store App at your device, search "UK Stocks One" and install it.
2. Open the Application by click on its icon at your device application list.

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User Guide

Please click here to open the app User Guide.
Or click here to Chat with us to discuss any question (Monday-Friday, from 09:30 to 17:30 Athens Time) .

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For 17 years of serving financial industry no one of our customers has replaced our systems with any competitive.

Price List

VAT is not included *. Price List Effective 1 July, 2017

A. Terminal cost (user selects one of the following):

Application for Desktops/Phones/Tablets

€ 10

Application for Desktops/Phones/Tablets (and Desktops with only 2 active windows)

€ 6

B. Real Time subscriptions cost per market (as selected by user):

Athens Stock Market Level 1

€ 2

Athens Stock Market Level 5

€ 12

Athens Stock indices

€ 4

Athens Derivatives Level 1

€ 6

Athens Derivatives Level 5

€ 10

Cyprus Stock Market Level 5

€ 6

London UK Markets Level 1

€ 14

* Notes on VAT
EU and UK non business customers: Your country VAT rate will be added to the above prices.
Outside EU and UK customers: VAT it is not applied outside EU and UK.
Business inside EU and UK with a valid VAT number (VIES validation passed):
Please send to us your VAT number before payment in order to avoid VAT charge.