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New Version 3.0

US Stocks One

US Stocks One is a super fast market trading application with rich fundamental and technical analysis on Stocks,Options and Futures.

User can setup up to 64 windows on its desktop or 12 screens in a mobile device by sharing the same watch lists, charts and portfolios, across all devices.

US Stocks One it is a FREE of charge product when used with MB Trading trading account. If you do not have an MB Trading account open now here.

You can open a demo account (with delayed data) for parer trading to evaluate the application in action.

    Key Features

  • Universal - A Uniform design application with exactly same settings and capabilities across Desktop's/Phone's/Tablet's.
  • Powerful - By giving full functionality to the tables and phones, the application is the most powerful trading solution at mobile world, with an unparaler speed and reliability.
  • Charts - Technical analysis with +50 indicators, drawing features and glance view with up to 4 stocks on one chart.
  • Fundamentals - Fundamental data with graphical representation.
  • Heat Maps - Heat Maps on Day, Week, Month and YTD Changes, Dividends, P/E etc on major US indices components and user watch lists.

Install & Try the App

Please install the application by following instructions depending on your system below.
Important: You need an MB Trading account in order to use this application. If you do not have account please go to the Open Account section.


Java must be installed on your system. If you dont have Java installed, please visit www.java.com to install it.
We recommend that you uninstall all older versions of Java from your system.
1. Click at Login button to open the application: Login
2. If you are using Chrome click Keep in the file confirmation messages and then click on the usone.jnlp file.

3. Select Run at Java confirmation message.

Mac OS

Java must be installed on your system. If you dont have Java installed, please visit www.java.com to install it.
1. Click at Login button to download the application file: Login
2. Locate the downloaded usone.jnlp at Finder (at Downloads folder)

3. Control-click (or right -click) the file and then select Open from the context menu.

4. Select Open at confirmation message.

Android- Phone / Tablet

1. From the Play Store App at your device, search "US Stocks One" and install it.
2. Open the Application by click on its icon at your device application list.

iOS - iPhone / iPad

1. From the App Store App at your device, search "US Stocks One" and install it.
2. Open the Application by click on its icon at your device application list.

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To open an MB Trading account:

1. Please go to the MB Trading site www.mbtrading.com, enter your email to get started, and verify your email to create a username / password.

2. With the above username login to the MBTrading Site and then click at this link in order to create an account with access to MB Trading external platforms.

When your account has been created you are ready to login at US Stocks One.

Why MB Trading

After a long process of evaluating US Brokers, MetricTrade has chosen MB Trading LLC, to connect its application in order to extend trading capabilities to the US Stocks, Options and Futures. The reasons for that are the higher level of MB Trading technology and backend systems.

Their fix trading engine is the most reliable trading solution in a streamline fast environment. The application is instantly informed about the trades and reflect them on clients portfolios without any user action or any hidden application request. This is leads to a fast and reliable trading system.

This approach is very similar with MetricTrade's existing streamline trading servers and the connection between US Stocks One application and MB Trading backend servers are straightforward.

TradeKing LLC acquiring MB Trading especially for its award-winning trading technology infrastructure. Later the Ally Bank, one of the big players at Wall St. acquiring TradKing LLC and will be integrate this technology in their products.

As result of the partnership between MetricTrade and MB Trading (TradeKing LLC) the use of US Stocks One are free of charge for the end users.